Michiko Ishihara Profile


Special skills
Knowledge about Kimono , Geisya make, playing Japanese traditional guitor, Japanese Flute, Horn, Piano, Riding horses, Japanese Traditional dance ( Nihon Buyo ), Tap dance, Jazz Dance, Ashtanga Yoga,


After graduating from Junior Collage, Michiko trained for 2 years at ” The Seinen Theatrical Company”. She was a Cheerleader for the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Baseball team, and has also appeared in many shows at Tokyo Disney Land.

In 1999, for the play ” Friendship”, Michiko changed her hair style to skinhead for the role.
From 2000 to the present she has appeared on the stages of all Major Tokyo Venues, such as the Teikoku-theatre, Meizi-theatre, Shinjuku-Koma-studium, Geizyutu-theatre, Shinbashi-enbu-theatre , as well as the Misono -theatre, Chunichi-theatre in Nagoya, and Umeda -koma- studium, the new Kabuki -theatre , Syochiku-theatre in Osaka, minami-theatre in Kyoto, Hakata-theatre in Fukuoka. In total, she has appeared in over 50 plays. Her specialty is Japanese Traditional drama, like Kabuki. It is based on old story . From 2009, she has switched back and forth between Japan and Los Angeles for film productions. In 2011, she got a roll as a Japanese Alien in the movie ‘ Halloween house horror ’ . And also she has been appeared on books as a Kimono Model. In 2014, She invited as a presenter for Tokyo City Cup in ‘ Japan Family day ’ at Sanata Anita Park.

TV/ Movie / CM
Holloween Horror House(Main:Japanese alien)  Directed by Michael Mendelshon
Northsiders (Yuko) TV pilot
A tough-SYOGUN ( yuko) TV ASAHI
Air raid in TOKYO ( omichi ) NTV
Elephant tour company CM ( Napa Valley ) Ntb ( LA )

L iving again( kayo) NHK Radio Drama
Fire spirit ! TJS Radio (LA)

Other Notable Experience
 Kimono model – with a published book ‘ How to enjoy Japanese Kimono ’
written by Rinko Kimino in 2014
A presenter – An event ‘ the Japan family day’ at the Santa Ana park in 2014

・ Yomiuri Giants Cheerleader – The Fire Girls in Tokyo Dome in1998
・ Tokyo Disney Land Xmas Fantasy Castle Show in 1997
・ Exhibition in Tottori – Dream and Seaside in 1997

Performance History (play)
Atami Goro Ichiza                   Sunshine theatre
The Black Lizard Meizi-theatre
Tenku-no Yume Meizi-theatre
Takazyo Ranman Misono-theatre
O-Oku Syo-chiku-theatre
Ryoma wo aishita onnna Misono-theatre
O-oku Tour of 15 theatres around Japan performing produced by Fuji Television Izumo no Okuni Kabuki-theatre
Chu-shin-Gura Misono Theatre
Irodori bashi Chunichi Theatre
Taki no Shiraito Misono-theatre
Naniwa no Geisya Kabuki-theatre

Since 1999, Michiko has appeared on stages over 50 plays.

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